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  • Note: This is still a work in progress, We will continue to add/update these research studies and outcome studies in the programs we use. Thanks for your patience.

Who Benefits?

(Skills: Reading, Math, Writing, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Comprehension, Attention, Memory and Retention, Sensory Integration, Balance and Movement, Behavior, Self-regulation, Mood, Information Processing, Brain timing and speed, Speech and Language, Motor Coordination, Social Skills, Personality Development, Imagination, Verbalizing, Visualizing..and more)

Children, Adults, Athletes, Team Coaches, Doctors and Therapist, Family

Specific Challenges

AD/HD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (coordination), Dyscalculia (Math), CAPD (Auditory Processing), Speech and Language, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavior
Mood, Sensory Processing Disorder, Brain Injury and Stroke

Medical Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical intervention. There is no claim to cure or mitigate symptoms. Please consult your doctor or therapist if you can participate in our training programs.


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Here are some of the relevant research, independent reviews and outcome studies pertaining to some of the programs we use in our circuit training programs: Other programs and materials that we use may not be listed here. We only use programs that have scientific validation for their evidence outcome. Please feel free to email us or ask us about the scientific validation of any programs we use in our programs.

The Amen Method

FastForword Reading Program


Advanced Brain Technologies

S'cool Moves





Emwave Heartmath

Posit Science


Structure of Intellect

Structure of Intellect 2

Structure of Intellect 3

Learning Breakthrough Program

Belgau Systems


Smart Brain Technology


Samson Classroom

Lindamood-Bell Reading and Comprehension


...we are still building our list, and this is not all inclusive yet of all the programs we use. Please visit again.

Disclaimer: The names of the above programs are owned and copyrighted by their respective companies. We are not in any way claiming ownership whatsoever on any of these trademarks, copyrighted materials.