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Auditory Attending

The approach of Learning Discovery, a preschool program, was designed to create the foundation for learning in an atmosphere where there is not an urgent premium on “achievement.”

Preschool is a time to prepare for learning by mastering the fundamentals of cognition, memory, evaluation, and problem-solving, which are best served by well developed perceptual processing abilities.

Learning Discovery does not ignore content learning – the fundamentals of reading and math are part of the curriculum – but the primary focus is on learning preparation.

Learning Discovery is designed to build the cognitive and perceptual strengths that empower students to transition from the concrete stage to the symbolic comprehension required in elementary school. Comprehension is essential for success in reading, language arts, and arithmetic.

For about 20 minutes a day, students work on Learning Discovery materials in the classroom, under the guidance of their teacher. Our materials boost sequential thinking, patterning, coordination, focusing, and motor skills. All materials and activities are age- appropriate and based on the best principles of contemporary brain science.

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Learning Discovery Preschool Program


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