Braingystics is a licensed provider of the leading scientific, evidence-based and innovative mind-body-brain programs. Our programs provide children and adults the "mind-body-brain muscles" needed to: 

  • address underlying core and foundational learning problems/challenges 
  • accelerate learning, optimize multi-sensory processing
  • boost memory, focus and attention, maximize productivity
  • reduce stress, reduce  age-related cognitive symptoms
  • help in weight management, emotional and social skills, and goal-settings, and 
  • benefit more from learning and life experiences-- all while having FUN doing our personalized "whole-person" min-body-brain fitness exercises and programs. INSTANT FUN---just needs YOU (and your brain)!


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Complimentary Brainfitness Workshops

Attend our regular,  free workshop to learn how mind-body-brain fitness improves learning and cognitive skills, optimizes brain processing, improves academic score, reading, multisensory experiences, stress management, attention, and much more.

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